Ramses II

Slot machine test: Ramses II

The ancient Egypt seems to be manufacturer an interesting topic for vending machines, of course remember man also the famous "book of RA", which also dates back to the Naidoo home as "Ramesses II". "Ramses II" puts you in the Egypt several thousand years ago and opened some good chances of winning friends. Because where are pyramids and Pharaohs, because most treasures are not far away. And since "Ramesses II" allows one or the other. But with free games and Super games or directly from within the game. When once his turn these time series or bonus symbols, it should be fine also your account. For example, in the Star Games Casino. "Ramses II" shows Egypt although not entirely new, but seen from the game content, should not disturb that.

Play Ramses II online now!

Ramses II play online

The symbols have adapted all the theme and everything blends together into one great whole. You make a profit using identical symbols, horizontally next to each other to form rows. The series may be but not somewhere, but must begin on the left roller and on the same payline. There are twenty lines, which you can see on the left side of the figures. Before each round you have the opportunity to reduce the number of win lines, which is lower but also your chances.

The gain is calculated according to the number of symbols, the use and the respective subject. You need at least two or three identical fields, which lie side by side and be interrupted by any other subject depending on the symbol. With a little luck, multiple payline in a round can count and improve your account.

The meaning of the symbols in the Ramses II online slot

The letters and numbers are not very lucrative, what applies in particular to the shortest line. The 9 has at least the small advantage to be able to make a number with only two same symbols. Super games you will receive for these simple symbols don't.

The image icons not only prettier look, but are also something bigger for the profit account. The camel, the Eagle, and the effigy of Anubis could allow also for low usage of Super games. This you will get, if you can spin the symbols referred to five in a row. In the Super game you get the chance of a way to turn the wheel of fortune. Bonuses and more games of Super friends here cheerfully waving to.

If but Ramses II or the scarab beetle, then it becomes really interesting. Ramesses II is used in the same slot as a wild symbol and thus replaced other motives. The advantage is also that a series with the Joker counts twice. And the chances of Super games are especially when Ramses II. very high.

The scarab beetle is the scatter symbol, that also counts when at least three symbols appear anywhere on the reels. He cannot be replaced while by the Joker, but when he appears with multiple same symbols, there it spins, in which also acts a triple multiplier.

Slot machines instructions of Ramses II

If you want to play "Ramesses II" for your sake your credit account, you must sign into the online casino and use bring also real money. Before each new rotation you can screw on the usage, which changed even the potential profits. Higher stakes mean also higher chances of Super games. If you put down the line, you're playing while using less, but also the possibilities of that series are made fall.

When winning a round not bulb from the holder should curl up, you can choose the head risk where you have a 50/50 chance to increase profits. However, you can lose as well the entire profit of the round again so the risk will be deliberate. At low gains the option doesn't hurt usually.

Ramses 2 Pharaoh Buk of rah Anubis